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While you might not believe it, today dog walking is moving away from becoming a pastime and turning into a lucrative opportunity for many people who look to create their own dog walking companies. As we get busier, the fact is that many of us don't have the time to ensure that our canine friends are looked after every minute of the day, and as a result often dog walking companies are the only reliable alternative.

The fact is that dogs are social animals and they need exercise and attention for most of the day. Even so, many of us live alone and own a dog despite the fact that we know there really should be someone who can take care of our pet while we're at work. Up until recently, that was usually a mom or dad, or the next door neighbor.

Today, that lovely next door neighbor who'd check in on your dog has probably already started a dog walking business of her own! It's proving to be a popular profession for many as it gives dog owners peace of mind, and gives their dogs some much needed company and regular exercise while you're at work. With many dog walking companies now operating throughout the USA, you can finally find a professional to take care of your animal when you can't.

Typically, dog walking companies charge around $8 or more per dog walk and while it may seem expensive, a typical dog walk usually involves taking your pet and a few others on a truly special walk in an area which dogs love. However it's not just any walk as professional dog walking companies are well versed in animal first aid, controlling disobedient dogs and generally ensuring that the dog will be in its element!

Chossing a company over a friend

Dog walking companies are normally fully insured and bonded to ensure that should anything happen, both you and the company is covered. However with an experienced dog handler taking care of your animal, there shouldn't be a problem if you choose the right company.

Choosing a dog walking company over the next door neighbor is always a wise choice as it's amazing just how much people differ in their opinion on what your animal 'needs'. When it comes to choosing between the various dog walking companies, you need to look at their credentials and find out what's included for the price.

Worry-free pet care

It's also important to find out what happens in the event of an emergency as well as when paws get a bit too muddy! Overall, dog walking companies should be door to door and hopefully fully-inclusive of anything. If you're in any doubt, then it' always a good idea to get a recommendation from a vet, as they will undoubtedly know who is the best.

With more and more dog walking companies appearing throughout the country, you can finally go to work without worrying about the dog being left at home. Many of these companies also offer dog sitting and home visits for your pet, ensuring that everything is taken care of so you don't need to worry.

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