Dog walking
Dog walking

How to start a dog walking business

Today, itís never been easier to get into the dog walking business, as itís a service thatís in high demand and also something almost anyone can do it. When looking at how to start a dog walking business, the fact is that while it is pretty straightforward, becoming a professional involves investment and time just like any other business.

When looking at how to start a dog walking business, the first thing you need to consider is whether this is something that youíre going to be doing part-time for friends, or alternatively whether youíd like to turn it into a full-time occupation. You may not believe it, but there are many professional dog walkers who looked into how to start a dog walking business and soon realized that there are profits to be made, as right now thereís a great shortage of professional dog walkers.

Indeed, with more and more people looking to get into dog walking, the fact is if you want to learn how to start a dog walking business, you need to start looking at various state requirements. Some states will require you operate a fully bonded service and carry the appropriate insurance, whereas others do not, and generally you donít need any special license to be a dog walker.

You must also know state laws regarding fouling and where dogs can be walked. There may also be legal requirements stating that some breeds must be muzzled and kept on the lead at all times Ė as a dog walker, youíre the professional so these are all issues you need to take into consideration.

As a professional dog walker, you also need to take into account various other factors when looking at how to start a dog walking business such as the competition, and also your experience in walking dogs. The fact is that a dog walking business is just like any other, and if you want to be a professional then you need to offer services that are better than the competition. This could include pet sitting, pet massage and even offering additional services such as taking the dog to the vets on behalf of the owner.

Ultimately, when looking at how to start a dog walking business, the most important factor is your own personal ability in walking animals. As a professional dog walker you may be asked to walk all types of breeds, all the way from schnauzers to great Danes. As a result, before you start your business it may be wise to take some courses in animal behavior so that you know how to deal with the troublemakers!

Starting a dog walking business is a great way to do something that you love, and when looking at how to start a dog walking business, itís actually pretty easy. As long as you abide by state laws, itís a business that can start with very little upfront costs and eventually grow into a citywide, state-wide and perhaps even nationwide endeavor!

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