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Dog walking

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Dog walking is an essential part of keeping your dog happy and it's an activity that today none of us have enough time for, but as any vet will tell you regular walks are essential in maintaining your dog's physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult to cram in one walk a day never mind the two or three that veterinarians recommend. As a result, the value of a dog walking service cannot be underestimated.

Today, dog walking services specialize in being around when you're not, so that there's someone to give your dog its lunch and ensure that during the day there will be someone for the dog to play with, even if it's just for an hour! With the services of a professional dog walker, you can relax in knowing that your animal is in good hands and they're being walked by someone with years of experience in dog husbandry.

Keepig your dog happy and healthy

Pet sitting and the dog walking service are two very essential services that almost anyone can benefit from. Hiring a dog walker ensures your pooch gets a bit of company and also some much needed exercise, and a sitter ensures that your dog is OK by paying a visit, playing a few games letting them out and ensuring there's plenty of water available.

When you work 8 to 10 hours a day, it's almost impossible to do that yourself, and up until recently you probably thought that it's something that you can rely on your neighbor or family member for. The fact is that hiring a professional dog walking service gives you a great deal more peace of mind because in fact; these professionals are insured, bonded and they have excellent skills in everything from first aid to getting your dog to walk correctly while on the lead.

Be a responsible owner

On the whole, a dog walking service may seem like something that's only for the super-lazy rich and elite. That just isn't true! If you wouldn't leave your 3 year old child alone, why would you leave your pet alone? They're both capable of getting up to all sorts of mischief when your backs turned, and with a professional dog walking service, at least you can be assured there's someone available for hire who can keep the dog out of trouble, and give them a bit of fun and exercise.

Typically, a dog walking service starts at around $8 per walk and prices obviously vary based on your individual requirements. Generally speaking, dog walks take place in groups of two to five dogs, and depending on the dog, a one to one walk may be the only option for this you can expect to pay more.

Generally however, it's a much needed break away from the norm for your dog. Could you imagine being trapped indoors 8 hours a day with absolutely nothing to do? If you can't, then the very least you can do is consider a professional dog walking service to help your dog get a bit of freedom, and to give you some peace of mind.

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