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Dog walking

Dog walking franchise

When it comes to dog walking, youíd be surprised at how lucrative a business it can be, and today there are quite a few commercial operations in existence through the United States. With thousands of people needing the services of a professional dog walker, a dog walking franchise is a great idea, both as a franchisee and also as a franchiser!

Typically people think of gas stations and 7/11 as franchises but the truth is that almost any business can become a franchise. Indeed, the reason most franchises exist is because of companies that create a brand identity thatís strong enough to go nationwide and in some cases even global. With a dog walking franchise, you have the possibility to enter into a business which already has everything Ďset upí or alternatively if youíre an experienced business person and also dog lover, the opportunity to create your own dog walking franchise and harness the demand for dog walkers.

Indeed, the strength of a dog walking franchise is that itís an affordable business which is always in demand. The fact is that set up costs for a dog walking business are minimal, and other than having insurance and good animal handling skills, thereís not much else to pay for. Itís a business many people can run from their homes and as a result, a dog walking franchise is appealable to many.

As a franchiser, you could create a franchise that turns a hobby into a real business. You could team up the franchise with behavioral training, animal first aid and also business skills so that franchisees come out of the training with a great deal more professionalism than other dog walkers thanks to the fact they are part of a recognized brand and also the excellent training they receive.

As a franchisee, finding a dog walking franchise is something thatís easier said than done. Today there arenít many franchises that specialize in dog walking, but there are quite a few who are focused in the dog / animal services industry. You may find yourself growing your dog walking business alongside another franchise such as a boarding kennels, animal massage service or perhaps even as an animal behaviorist.

Ultimately however, a dog walking franchise is a fantastic opportunity, as even though there are many people who call themselves professional dog walkers Ė everyone tends to go about the task differently. By choosing a franchise or even starting one, you can build a business thatís built around strong values and care for animals. In effect, you standardize a service throughout the country creating opportunities for people to start a dog walking service thatís high quality, unique and great value for money.

Perhaps the best thing about a dog walking franchise is the fact that it can be a great deal more affordable than other franchises due to the fact that dog walking is essentially a Ďsmall businessí. As a result itís accessible to many and done correctly, itís a surprisingly profitable venture for everyone involved.

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