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Dog walking is proving more and more popular, yet today it's still a rather unknown service that only a few people really know about. The fact is that dog walking is one of those secret little growth industries that have slowly grown from home run enterprises into the commercial success that dog walking is today. Even today when it comes to marketing, people still rely on the likes of a dog walking flyer in the local store!


Spread the word!

As a professional dog walker that wants to go to the next level, you should really consider doing more than simply creating a dog walking flyer. Instead of simply making your rates available, you could actively market your business and advertise in places where people really do need your services. From advertising in the local newspaper to making your own website, you can do so much more if you start to treat your dog walking service as a business.

There's nothing wrong with a dog walking flyer, the only drawback is that it's something that's really easy to walk past and often people will just throw your dog walking flyer in the bin. It may seem a bit disheartening, but if you want any business to succeed, the number one rule is to think out of the box and to be creative.


Meet and great potential clients and their dogs!

One example might be offering a free face to face consultation where you can meet the customer, their dog and discuss just what exactly you include. Another way to get more customers would be to offer special discounts and rates for multiple dogs. You could also use a website to post photos and other information so that when people look at your dog walking flyer, they'll instantly visit your site and see just how professional your service is.

Today, it's true to say that dog walking is a service that simply sprung up out of nowhere. There's a huge untapped market out there, and as more and more people realize this it's only going to get tougher. To build a successful dog walking business, you need to show the world why you're the better choice. The reason people will choose you will most likely not be your rate per walk, but because of the level of care you give to their dog and also how much you bond with the animal.

A dog walking flyer may get your foot in the door, but after you're inside, it's between you and the dog as to whether or not you're going to win over the client. That's why you should ensure that you're fully insured and also have plenty of experience in caring for the most unruly of animals.

Your dog walking flyer can say pretty much anything, but the fact is it's only the first step in marketing your business. If you want to succeed you'll need to think about how you can deliver a top quality service that's second to none and really does involve more than just printing a dog walking flyer and walking the occasional dog.

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