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Dog walking

Dog walking fees

When it comes to hiring a professional dog walker, many people think that the dog walking fees will be out of this world. The fact is that if dog walking services were so expensive, they wouldn't be advertising in local newspapers! In reality, dog walking fees actually start from as little as $8 and often, it's possible to negotiate bulk discounts.

Find the right people for you and your dog

Today, there are thousands of dog walking services operating throughout the United States and there are many, many more informal dog walkers who simply walk dogs not for the dog walking fees but simply for the enjoyment and a bit more pocket money. From the next door neighbor's kid to the dog lover across the road, there are so many choices when it comes to finding someone to take care of your dog.

Dog walking services are becoming increasingly more commercialized. As a result, the majority of professional dog walkers all have insurance and operate registered businesses. Many also offer additional services such as boarding, dog sitting and also things such as dog training, behavior analysis and even dog massage! Today, one of the major growth areas is in dog walking because more and more people own a dog despite the fact they don't have the time to take them out the two to three walks a day as recommended by vets.

Luckily, that's where dog walkers come in handy. Dog walking fees start from as little as $8 per hour and it's an absolute bargain compared to the alternative which in many cases is wrecked furniture and a damaged home just because Fido doesn't get out enough! By hiring a dog walker, you give your dog the chance to get outside more, enjoy regular exercise and not just meet other dogs, but to have some great fun in a natural environment.

Types of dog walking available

Whether you want solo walks for your dog or group walks, the dog walking fees are actually highly affordable and negotiable. You get quite a lot for your money and the services of a professional are typically fully insured and include picking up your pet and dropping him off back at home. In the event that he gets a little mucky, you may also find they'll clean paws up for free as it's normally included in the dog walking fees.

With so many dog walking services out there, the quality does vary. As a result it's important to get a good recommendation from someone you trust and then interview the prospective dog walker yourself. When looking for a dog walking company, look for insurance, look for a contract with clear dog walking fees and ensure that the people walking your dog are experienced in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the walk for your animal.

For many however, the dog walking fees are the last thing on their mind. Instead the goal is to help your pet lead a more enjoyable life and for as little as $8 per walk, it's an absolute bargain.

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