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Dog walking

Dog walking career

Today, there are more and more people taking up a dog walking career as itís not only the perfect job for dog lovers, itís also proving more and more lucrative. With huge demand for dog walkers, there are many commercial businesses springing up that specialize in all manners of dog related services. As a result, the industry is booming and thereís never been a better time to jump in on the action.

A dog walking career may not seem like something very enjoyable, but youíd be surprised at just how challenging and rewarding it can be. As more and more people look to dog walkers to help them keep their pets happy, itís becoming not just a sideline way to earn a few dollars, but a service which thousands of people are taking advantage of every day.

Veterinarians say that dogs should get at least two walks a day and for many Americans itís simply not possible. The fact is that work lives are hectic and as a result, the time just doesnít exist to spend two to three hours a day walking a dog, and thatís why many people are taking advantage of dog walking services.

If youíre looking to start a dog walking career and build a business out of it, then thereís never been a better time. Typically all you need to start is to have suitable insurance, a perfect place to walk dogs and some customers! Thereís a market right on your door step! Before you start, youíll need to check up on state legislature regarding dog walking and also brush up on dog behavioral issues.

Once you know the basics, a dog walking career will be a constant learning experience as no two dogs are the same. There will be many well behaved, obedient dogs out there, but chances are there will be twice as many rascals! Youíll find yourself learning quickly in your dog walking career and while the first few months might be difficult, youíll soon find yourself becoming an expert in dealing with even the worst offenders!

Dog walking is really just one part of a fully inclusive service that you can offer. Combined with dog sitting and even dog training, you can create a dog walking career that encompasses all aspects of canine care. Itís a great way to keep on top of the competition and itís also a perfect way to build a stronger business.

With more and more people looking at a dog walking career, there is also increased demand as people start to learn that dog walking really is an affordable service. Your rates will typically start at around $8 per walk, but as you gain experience, youíll be able to walk 2, 3 and maybe even four dogs at a time!

Ultimately however, your dog walking career needs to reflect your love for animals and also your passion or success. If you can be as passionate about your business as you can be about dogs, then thereís no reason why your dog walking career wonít be an instant hit.

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