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Dog walking

Dog walking business plan

There are more and more people providing dog walking services and as demand increases, itís evolving from a work from home activity into a fully commercialized service. Indeed, with more and more demand people are transforming dog walking into fully fledged businesses that are profitable and also much needed. There are still plenty of opportunities and a great deal of profit to be made if you can build a strong business with a good dog walking business plan.

A dog walking business plan is essentially like any other. In your business plan you need to account for every eventuality and itís always a good idea to start by taking a close look at the nearest competition. From here you can analyze what they offer and ask yourself the question ďHow do I do it better?Ē

Your dog walking business plan needs to show prospective investors and banks why your business will be a success. A great way to make your business plan stand out is to do some detailed research based on the area you want to offer the service. This market research lets you know whether or not people want your services and how much theyíd be willing to pay. Simply knowing thereís another dog walking service in the area isnít enough, because after all there may not be enough business for two!

Looking at the details of your dog walking business plan, you also need to work out how you are going to provide the service Ė are you going to pick dogs up from peopleís homes? Are you going to offer any additional services such as pet sitting? You also need to take into account external risk factors in your Dog walking business plan such as if a dog gets stolen, if thereís an accident, and even worst case scenario if you get bitten by an angry dog.

As a professional dog walker, youíll be working with strange dogs day in and day out. As a result, you need to include aspects such as insurance into your dog walking business plan and maybe even put up a bond for your business so that in the event of an emergency, youíre business is covered. Likewise, your dog walking business plan should also look into what happens when you are successful? You should be able to estimate how much profit you expect to make in the first quarter, first year and five years onwards.

Itís also important to know the bottom line in your dog walking business plan, and working out your break-even point so that you can know when your business isnít profitable. Itís all too common for people to know their profit margins in advance, but they forget to work out what the bare minimum they need to make is. Often for the first few months in your dog walking business plan, you should be looking at the bare minimum as your maximum profit, because until your business builds a clientele, itís not going anywhere.

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