Dog walking
Dog walking

Dog walking tips

Dog walking should be a pleasurable and fun experience that you share with your dog but itís all too common for this task to become a chore thatís repetitive, boring and in some cases even dreaded. To help you get the most out of dog walking, take a look below for our top 10 dog walking tips.

Donít forget the essentials

When walking your dog, itís important to ensure you have everything you need in advance. A great way to do this is to have your own dog Ďkití ready at all times with an extra lead, collar, dog towel, dog treats and spare bags for dog mess. If youíre well prepared, your dog walking will be so much easier.

Dog treats are a lifesaver

One of our best dog walking tips is to reward your dog regularly. Bring along some dog treats and when the dog is behaving well; reward him verbally followed by giving him a dog treat. Donít give your dog treats for Ďnothingí as otherwise he may expect them all the time.

Remember to communicate with your dog!

Many dogs are disobedient is because theyíre not actually receiving any feedback from their owner! One of the most important dog walking tips is to talk to your dog all the time, rewarding him, scolding him and telling him what to do. Dogs have a vocabulary of around sixty commands!

Dealing with other dogs is easy

If youíve had to deal with pulling and other behavioral issues related with other dogs, the best way to deal with this problem is to walk your dog in wide open areas and to keep him on the leash.

Bring along some toys

If your dog likes to pull and is used to ruling the roost, you may need to learn to blackmail. One of our best dog walking tips here is to bring along one of his toys such as a squeaky ball and use it to keep him in check. Itís like a dog treat that makes a noise he instantly recognizes.

Bring someone along to help

Walking your dog with A friend gives you some company, and it also helps to make things more fun and it really can make things once again enjoyable.

Hire a professional dog walker

Vets recommend that your dog gets at least two walks a day. Often bad behavior is because of frustration. Regular exercise for your dog is one of the most important dog walking tips we can give, and hiring a dog walker is a great way to ensure that your dog gets out at least some of the time.

Go to dog training

All too often, people avoid dog classes! Maybe youíre experienced with dogs, but is your dog? Getting him socialized with other animals is one of the essential dog walking tips in helping him become well-adjusted and well behaved!

Keep your dog on a leash

Many people think that itís OK to let their dog off the leash, often itís another story however when it comes to catching him! If your dog doesnít come back when called, or obey commands from a distance, donít let him off the leash!

Cleaning up after your dog

The most forgotten dog walking tips is to remember to clean up after your dog, as letting your dog foul is a punishable offense.

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