Dog walking
Dog walking

Dog walking machine

Just like we canít or donít always want to go outside for a run, often dogs can be the same. Whether thatís our fault or simply the dogís is anyoneís guess, but it doesnít have to be a problem thanks to the running treadmill! This fantastic dog walking machine is something thatís not only good for you, but youíd be amazed at just how many dogs love this contraption.

Itís really true! There are hundreds of animals across the country that love nothing more than a run on their ownerís treadmill, or more appropriately their own personal dog walking machine. Even cats love this activity! While it does carry some risk, you too can train your dog to take advantage of the treadmill and enjoy some regular exercise from the luxury of his home!

Looking at all the various treadmills out there, there are actually a few designed for dogs! These models tend to be gravity powered in that thereís nothing to control and your dog simply needs to jump on and start walking. Itís not quite as fun as a powered model, but the benefits of this dog walking machine are that itís safe and also your dog can use it unsupervised. Whether heíll want to or not is a completely different matter!

The powered treadmills / dog walking machine are great too, but you have to be extremely careful as to how exactly they are used. For many dogs, Ďtreadmillingí is a skill they learn as a playful puppy, and while it can be taught, some dogs can be scared Ė as a general rule, if your dog enjoys watching you on the treadmill, then chances are it can become his personal dog walking machine too.

Teaching the dog to use your treadmill is a case of slowly getting him used to the idea first. Generally, you want to ensure heís comfortable with the machine when itís off before you start introducing him to his new dog walking machine. Once heís passed the sniffs and curiosity, then you can think about turning it on to itís slowest speed and then using treats to get him to jump aboard.

If he takes up the challenge, then you need to keep a close eye on him at all times. Look at his breathing rate, keep an eye on his position on the treadmill and for the first few times donít even think about increasing the speed, because if he has a problem with his new dog walking machine, you may never get him back on it.

However, with time and dedication, your dog can enjoy the treadmill just as much as you can. From dogs that surf to dogs that scuba dive, itís amazing just how many activities our faithful companions can join us in. Sadly for you, you may find that your treadmill slowly becomes your dogís own personal dog walking machine, just whatever you do Ė donít ever turn it off suddenly! It may be amusing, but no-one, especially dogs, enjoy being laughed at!

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