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Dog walking lead

When it comes to choosing a lead for walking your dog there are a great many varieties and while you may think that they're all the same, surprisingly you'd be amazed at the difference between a nylon lead and say a chain lead. From extendable leads to the traditional leather dog walking lead, there's limitless choice, so how do you know what to choose?

Dog safety over style!

Looking at all the collars and leads in a pet store will probably lead to you choosing something based entirely on how it looks and that's great if your dog is well behaved, but if he's not you may very well be choosing something that ends up chafing your hands, and simply making your life more difficult. Choosing the right lead should be based on your dog and not your style requirements!

Generally speaking, fabric or leather leads are durable and while a leather lead is great, it does tend to be more expensive. Some of the best dog walking leads are the woven nylon ones, you should choose a thickness according to the size of your dog, a good judge is generally to go with a width of lead that's equal to the width of your dog's collar, and maybe slightly wider.

Firstly, if your dog's a puppy, then the lead is your tool to keep him under control and ensure that he is behaving appropriately. The dog walking lead you choose needs to be long enough to give him a bit of freedom, but short enough to ensure that both you and the dog aren't getting tangled up. Ideally, a dog walking lead should be around a meter or so long, but not much more. If you want something longer, then retractable leads are a great idea if your dog is relatively well behaved.

The ideal way to use a dog walking lead is to have your dog on your left hand side at all times. You want to be holding the fabric or leather loop part of the lead at waist level with your right hand, and your left hand will also hold the lead at a natural feeling position above the dog so that you can give a gentle pull now and again, and also give him plenty of slack.

Be in control of your dog

Despite what people think, a dog walking lead should always be held with two hands in the way mentioned above, as it ensures that you're less likely to fall over. It also ensures that your dog walks in the correct position which is on your left side and not in front of you, ensuring it's easy for you to check your dog and communicate with him.

A dog walking lead is an important purchase as it's something you will use every day. It's great to have a spare too! When looking for a lead, choose something that's comfortable and practical. A lead is often something that can get worn after a while. If you're a keen dog walker, you'll find yourself replacing your dog walking lead every few years.

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