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Dog walking

Dog walking harness

For disobedient puppies to overweight giants that tend to pull you along rather than walk with you, it can be difficult finding a way for you and your dog to both enjoy the walk. If you're being walked rather than your dog, then one of the best inventions ever, has to be the dog walking harness. Effectively a bridle for your dog, it takes some getting used to, but it's guaranteed to transform your walk.

There are actually two varieties of dog walking harness out there, with the first being like a bridle that goes over your dog's nose and the second being a shoulder harness that goes under his front legs. The former is by far the most popular because quite simply, it really does work wonders. You may not believe it, but once you try one of these dog walking harnesses known as a gentle leader, you really won't look back.

The dog walking harness that fits over your dog's nose is really a great contraption as it almost automatically forces your dog to walk with you. If he pulls, the harness pulls down on his muzzle which in dog language, tells him that you're in charge. It's also a great deal gentler than almost choking your dog with a chain and tugging the lead every few seconds.

Getting your dog used to wearing a harness

Indeed, your dog will also love the dog walking harness, but the first few times will be difficult. As a result, you must familiarize your dog with the harness long before taking him out with one, so make a point of putting it on him when he's in the home for an hour a day for about a week, keeping an eye on him and rewarding him with plenty of treats.

After your dog's comfortable with the dog walking harness, then you'll be able to take him out. Remember to always walk your dog on your left hand side, and you'll have no problem. The important thing is to talk to your dog, keep him interested and whatever you do, don't forget the dog treats, as those first few times may be a little awkward.

More contol over your dog

Once you're both outside, you should notice the difference immediately. The dog walking harness is sold as a gentle leader for a reason and that's because it's friendly to both you and also your dog! Today, many elderly people even use a dog walking harness because it virtually eliminates tugging and brings all but the most alpha males to heel.

Dog walking is meant to be an enjoyable activity and it's your dog's holiday! If you find that he's being a bit headstrong even with the dog walking harness, then give him a bit of slack when a dog's out on a walk he's doing so many things more than just walking, and while you may be in a rush to get back home, he's making every minute count. Remember that it's your dog's walk while he needs to be obedient, if you both give a bit of slack, before long it'll be a pleasure for everyone involved.

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