Dog walking
Dog walking

Dog walking games

Walking your dog can be a great deal of fun and it's an activity that both you and your dog can enjoy. However sometimes it gets a bit boring, and to make things more enjoyable for both parties, dog walking games really can turn an average walk into something truly fantastic.

Keeping your dog amused

Perhaps the most famous dog walking games are variations of fetch where you let the dog off lead and you throw something for him to fetch. However, this can be easier said than done as not all dogs will respond to a fetch game, and while some might they may not actually fetch it for you! As a result, to play fetch, first you need to find an object the dog is interested in, and you also need to have the dog trained to recall on command, and drop the object when you tell him.

There are countless dog walking games and some of the best are the ones that you and your dog make up as you go along. Some dogs simply love to play hide and seek, whereas others like to carry a favorite toy around, it's not really a game, but just like a baby likes a particular blanket to feel more secure, a dog sometimes likes a particular toy and simply won't leave home without it!

Dog walking games range from playing football with your dog to more training related activities such teaching him to use his nose to find objects you hide. In fact any training related activity can be turned into a dog walking game, because the best way to train your dog is by rewarding him for good behavior. You'll find that the more interactive you can be, the more the dog responds, and this is why that many of the best dog trainers are actually women!

It sounds strange doesn't it? However, a woman's voice is far more tonal than a man's and the dog can pick up on the differences easier. However, that's no excuse for not trying some great dog walking games such as fetch, or training related stuff. It's great fun for the dog and it can transform a walk into something that challenges and entertains your dog. It can change your dog drastically for the better too!

Play safe

However, when walking your dog it's important to know where dog walking games are allowed as in many public areas your dog will not be allowed off lead, and as a result, you may be limited in what you can do. However, you dog won't be and you'll soon find he's out sniffing at everything even inventing his own dog walking games! Even if he's stuck on the lead, it doesn't mean he can't take a toy with him!

There are so many ideas for dog walking games that the only limitation is your imagination. From tug of war to playing with balls and simply being adventurous with your dog when you take him out, the benefit of ensuring you go that bit further to ensure your dog has a good time is something that will make dog walking games an unforgettable experience.

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