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Today we can enjoy hands free phones and Bluetooth headsets, so why canít we enjoy hands free dog walking! It seems odd, but thereís a rather peculiar device making its rounds amongst professional dog walkers and those with more than one dog, and thatís the dog walking belt which claims to allow you to walk up to four or five dogs at the same time.

The dog walking belt is a great idea if you actually hold on to the lead at the same time. Itís not a hands free device, but instead a gadget designed to bring the lead further down your body and make it more difficult for you to be pulled over. When walking a dog attached to a dog walking belt, if you do decide to walk him hands free, it could really be dangerous.

Typically when walking a dog with a lead, you walk with the dog to your left hand side, and his head should be in line with your legs. With a dog walking belt, your dogís actually taking YOU for the walk. As a result, you may very well find that the dog eventually thinks heís in charge and before long, starts pulling you over!

While itís a great invention as perhaps a tool to hold pouches and spare equipment, a dog walking belt isnít always as good as they say. But despite that there are a number of professional dog walkers who youíve probably seen walking 6 or 7 dogs at a time, but the question you need to ask yourself, is whoís walking who?

As a professional dog walker, itís possible to walk up to four dogs at a time. Itís safe providing that the dogs are well behaved and that they are also familiar with each other, to ensure this you need to socialize them in advance and perform the first few walks with just you and the dog, and then slowly introduce more companions as time goes on.

If all the dogs are attached to the same dog walking belt, youíre stuck in the middle of a possible disaster if a fight ever breaks out. As a professional dog walker, while this is a rarity, it does happen. Because of this, a dog walking belt can be dangerous as if one dog starts fighting with another, most of them will jump in because of the fact theyíre all attached to the same person. Youíll also be stuck in the middle.

However, a dog walking belt makes a great tool to hold dog walking kit. Clip a few pockets to the D rings, fill them with treats and before long your dogs will see that when your hand goes into the pouch, he knows that heís done something right. You can also clip spare leads and other accessories to the dog walking belt so that your hands are free and you can control the dogs with absolutely no problem.

Dog walking is a great pastime and if you simply need some more pockets, a dog walking belt is a great idea. However those D rings arenít for clipping dogs to, as youíll soon find that youíre the one being taken for a walk!

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