Dog walking
Dog walking

Dog walking bags

When walking your dog, one of the most important things youíll need besides dog walking aids are actually dog walking bags to help clean up his dirt. These bags are affordable, disposable and also really easy to use, so that when your dog does his business, you can pick things up easily.

Throughout the US, dog fouling is against the law. If your dog leaves a mess and you fail to pick it up, you can be fined and even prosecuted! As a result, carrying dog walking bags is essential in ensuring that you can clean up after your dog and preventing any possible health risks. As a dog owner, itís your responsibility.

When it comes to walking a dog and cleaning up after him, there are countless gadgets out there, but they tend to overcomplicate the process of simply using dog walking bags to pick up the mess with your hands. Simply put your hand inside the bag using it as a glove, scoop everything up and then turn the back inside out. Itís quick, clean and while itís not exactly stylish, itís compliant with local laws and also hygienic. Dog walking bags are perhaps the cheapest and most effective way of dealing with the problem.

Today, many people think that because dog mess is bio-degradable, itís OK to leave on the ground. This couldnít be further from the truth, as dog mess is highly dangerous as it carries a range of bacteria and if a child falls into it, or perhaps someone walks over it, that bacteria can soon spread to the home and if it infects someone, it can cause blindness.

Because of this, cleaning up after your dog is the least you can do. Dog walking bags cost next to nothing and indeed, many states most probably give them out for free! When your dog does his business, you really must try your best to clean things up afterwards. With fines of well over $100, youíll find that not carrying dog walking bags can cost you a great deal more than youíd think.

If youíre averse to picking up your dogís mess with dog walking bags, then perhaps the best thing you can do is to hire a professional dog walker Ė these people do this every day so theyíre used to cleaning up after your dog and ensuring that they follow state laws. A professional dog walker is a great idea for many as it ensures your dog not only gets plenty of exercise, but can enjoy a new social experience too.

Walking your dog doesnít need to be stressful, but vets recommend that they get at least 2 and preferably 3 good walks a day. Walking ensures that your dog is healthy, exercised and also happy as ultimately, dogs are social animals and they love nothing better than to get outside and interact with others. This also means however dog walking bags are a necessity, and cleaning up after the dog will forever be required.

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